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The NFT are already something else !!!


They are no longer only to accumulate or resell, now you can win a lot of money, or identify with them, do not just wait in the market, live an exciting adventure in our lottery.

Besides being beautiful for being algorithmically made, our solucky fractal will be of great archaeological value as the first collection to organize a cumulative nft lottery.

Join our club of exclusive winners and walk with us to create a casino with our own currency.


With solottery you have a double chance to win,

A draw between the 3000 NFT of solottery with a value of 500 sol and the draw of megasolottery with a cumulative value of 500 sol for each draw

The great news: you can continue participating in the megasolottery raffle with your ticket,

So it will always be valuable because the jackpot in megasolottery can continue to grow. We recommend hold because you can wake up being a millionaire.

The value of your lottery ticket will be 1 sol.

The collection will be of 3000 NFT tickets and the next collection of tickets leaves 8 days after the total sale of the previous collection.

The number of the prize will be obtained from one of the most important lotteries in the world. the community in discord will decide which one it will be.



The sale will be made in an official marketplace in solana, we will not mint on any page to avoid rugpull or scams.

Create a new wallet in phantom, exclusive for our ticket to avoid scams or rugpull.

We do not send dm.



  • Creation of DAO 1001, closed group of marketing in block


  • We want those who do not use bots to buy their NFTs in seconds and have not been able to buy anything in the launches, have the chance of their life, 3000 Solucky fractal tickets will be minted, in each wave, • Follow the official account on discord, twitter and obviously here, on our official website. The solucky will be available in the solana Marketplace (avoid scams)
  • In our collection you can choose your lucky number and the solucky fractal design that you want so that luck will be with you, but don’t delay, they will be over soon !!! there are 3,000 in each draw.
  • IMAGINE 1000 SOLANAS IN PLAY AND ONLY 3000 SOLUCKY FRACTALS, ufff this is going to explode
  • We expect to have releases every week until we merge with the casino in Q4-2022



Launch casino official website • Create official social media accounts (Telegram, Twitter, etc)

  • Aggressive social media campaigns



  • Conduct presale • launch $coin on PancakeSwap and lock liquidity for 4 months on Unicrypt • Begin aggressive marketing campaign to build the casino solottery community and increase $coin holders • Distribute airdrops to raise awareness of Coin in the crypto community • Begin partnerships with exclusive sponsors • Tech-rate Audit • Develop and release whitepaper V1.0 • Apply for listings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio and Delta.



  • Secure listings on Global and North American based top CEXs (, HotBit (Success), and others) • Launch $coin casino farming and staking portals (under development) • Launch V1 of casino NFT Marketplace (under development), You can only enter the casino with your NFT that will identify you• Continue with aggressive social media campaigns and launch ad campaigns • Release Certik audit • Complete Website Overhaul, in preparation for V1 Launch


Release official casino • Launch V2 of NFT Marketplace with integrated KYC for content creators, and all listed features